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PROJECT (Learn English Through Stories)

Time table: 2 weeks

Numbers of students: 10 students

Theme: Stories
Topic: Different kinds of stories

Final task: The student will invent their own stories and make a book in pairs. The purpose will be to encourage students to write and use the vocabulary as well as have fun and learn new stories.

Goal of achievement: during the whole unit students are expected to develop the ability and knowledge to:

Comprehend and produce new and recycled vocabulary.
Understand written and oral stories.
Understand and produce sentences according to a story format.
Express ideas


Day 1: Fantastic stories”Which One Is The Real Flower?”. The teacher will show some pictures of a story. Then, the students will listen to the story. The students will put the story in order and make a true or false?. Finally, the students will write some sentences so that they can describe the pictures of a fantastic story.

Day2: Amusing stories. The teacher will present some characters and objects of a story. The students will match the pictures to the names. The teacher will give them a story in order to be completed.
Finally, they will have to create a fantastic story in groups taking into account characters and setting.

Day 3: Tragic story. The students will see a video clip about Titanic so that they can predict the story. The teacher will give them the Titanic´s story and the students should put the missing parts of the story in the correct place.Then, the teacher is going to give them an outline. The students have to read and tell the story as if they were passengers of the Titanic.

Day 4: Test. During the first hour the student will do the test. Next hour, they will invent and write their stories in pairs. The students have to hand the stories in so that the teacher can correct them.

Day 5: Final task. During the first hour the student will put their ideas about their stories and the teacher’s corrections in order. They have to make their books and during the next hour, they are going to deliver a short presentation about their stories.


The student will be evaluated during all the process. There will be a formal test; however the student will get two marks, one for the final task, and one for daily work and participation.
The evaluation instruments will be: teacher’s observation, tasks’ development, students’ self assessment and feedback form, and students’ production.

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